How Subconscious Eating Can Affect Us

How Subconscious Eating Can Affect Us

Subconscious eating is such a habit where a person eats instinctively without thinking for a second time. For example, you are doing some work, and if anyone brings any food that you like, then you pick up the food and start eating, even if you are not hungry then. This practice of subconscious eating generally makes people fatter. It is more difficult for persons who want to lose weight but are unable to do so. The habit of subconscious eating makes them gain weight instead of losing some.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in their subconscious mind is that they begin to eat more when they workout with the opinion that since they are working out, they are losing calories, and so a little more intake of calories is not too deleterious for health. However, this is very wrong. The aim is to lose weight. Therefore, if a person consumes more calories than he is sweating out, then he does not lose any weight instead gains weight.

Thus, to control the eating habits yourself and not by the subconscious mind, you have to play an active role. You must know yourself and have the ability to visualize your needs. For instance, you are a person with a weight of 100 kg and you want your weight to reduce to 55 kg. Therefore, you have to lose 45 kg to attain the shape. Then, your first step is to visualize yourself as a person of weight 55 kg.

Only then, you get a positive affirmation in your subconscious mind to lose the weight and control your food habits. Along with controlling your food habits, you also need to perform some exercises under trained supervisors for correct ways to reduce the weight. Thus, this was just an example to make the understanding simpler for you. As a grown up person, you are accountable of what you eat. Simply saying that you could not control eating is a mere excuse.

These are all thoughts of a subconscious mind that makes a person think in such a complex manner. However, it is important to overcome the thoughts of a subconscious mind partially as you cannot overcome them fully. It is a part of the human psychological working of a brain, and therefore, trying to stop the working of a subconscious mind fully, is a matter of foolishness.

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